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Welcome to UK Liquidators in Birmingham where our team of licensed insolvency practitioners, liquidators and business rescue experts provide specialist support for company directors.

Based in Birmingham, our dedicated team offer directors a FREE face-to-face consultation to get to the root of the issues you are experiencing and recommend the best way forward for your business.

Whether your company is experiencing short-term financial problems with a realistic chance of a turnaround, or the issues are more serious and insolvency is inevitable, we can talk you through your options in a simple and straight-forward manner.

If liquidation proves to be the best course of action, the options available to you are dictated by whether the closure is compulsory or voluntary.

If you have received a winding-up petition, this would be a form of compulsory liquidation - the most common route of company closure where an unhappy creditor has petitioned for your company to close due to being unable to meet its liabilities. You should consult with a licensed insolvency practitioner if you have received a winding-up petition; the effect of compulsory liquidation being forced upon your business will lead to investigation by the Official Receiver. It is always best practice to wind up your business voluntarily and take control - this is known as a Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation or a CVL which we can assist you with.

If your company is solvent but you wish to place it into liquidation, the procedure is called Members' Voluntary Liquidation - commonly known as an MVL. Voluntary liquidation of this nature is the best course of action for closing companies of a complex structure and represents the most tax efficient liquidation process.

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Our family-run construction firm had enjoyed a good run since the 1980s but with margins squeezed tighter than ever before and a saturated marketplace, we began to struggle. We also had a key supplier that went bust leaving us with major problems. We decided we needed to liquidate as cash-flow was steadily decreasing and creditors were chasing. UKLiquidators handled the CVL and enabled us to write off a proportion of our debts.

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I am the Managing Director of three separate companies within a subsidiary but one of these companies was dragging the other two down. I needed to work out the most tax-efficient way of closing the struggling company but due to the complex nature of our company structure, our accountant couldn't provide the advice we needed. Thankfully, UKLiquidators took control of the situation and we were delighted with the outcome.

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