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An energy company headquartered in Surrey but whose operations are focussed on activities in the North Sea off the coast of Scotland looks to be heading towards liquidation. Xcite Energy’s managers have been trying to engineer a deal that would allow the business to continue operating but those efforts have so far been thwarted by […]

The Derby Fireplace Company, whose name neatly outlines the nature of its business, has entered liquidation on a voluntary basis having struggled to achieve profitability over the course of recent months and quarters. Having been operational for more than 20 years, there have been various efforts on the part of the company’s bosses to turn […]

A provider of ambulance and patient transfer services in the county of Sussex in southern England has been forced into liquidation. VM Langfords has been contracted to provide ambulance services to local healthcare facilities and patients across Sussex but has been hit by a significant financial crisis in recent weeks. According to the GMB union, […]

Around 150 people have lost their jobs after learning that their call centre employer in Norwich was to be entered into liquidation. Insight CCI has said that it succumbed to the burden of having debts worth in excess of £700,000 and could not continue to operate on a viable financial footing after a difficult trading […]