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Welcome to one of the UK’s leading business liquidation firms, relying on over 25 years’ experience of closing solvent and insolvent companies. We have teams across the UK helping directors either bring closure to a business voluntarily, or advising and guiding them through the compulsory liquidation process when debts are owed to creditors such as HMRC.


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We also provide a specialist advisory service for director redundancy and help dozens of company directors achieve five-figure sums when their company enters liquidation. Many directors are unaware of their right to claim but with our assistance, they can unlock an unexpected cash windfall which, in many cases, funds their company liquidation process and sees them walk away with a lump sum to enjoy.

If your company is insolvent with no realistic prospect of things improving, here is the good news; you and your company are separate entities and you can legally eliminate certain company debts – we can show you how.

Are any of these debts familiar?

  • Corporation Tax
  • VAT Arrears
  • PAYE Arrears
  • Trade Creditors
  • Bank and Credit Card Loans
  • Business Rates
  • Utility Bills
  • Vehicle Leasing
  • HMRC Fines and Penalties

If any of these debts strike a chord with you and you feel ‘in over your head’ with escalating liabilities, liquidation may be the best route forward before matters get worse. Remember, as a company director you have a duty of care not to worsen the position of your creditors and you should cease trading as soon as possible if your business is steadily losing money.

Advice You Can Trust

Our objective is to close your company in the most efficient and effective way possible – we can quickly free you of the stresses and strains of running a struggling business. Every director we help tells us the same thing; they just want the ‘problem gone’. We see the same emotions time and time again – sick of being chased for payment by creditors, sick of letters falling on their doormat, sick of sleepless nights – and generally just worried sick about the future. We can help.

We have advised hundreds of directors who own limited companies and have been in the same situation as you. Did you know that over one million businesses in the UK are having problems paying their taxes every year or other finance related issues?

You are not alone in your current circumstances. The first thing to do is call us on 0800 063 9262 and arrange a free consultation with one of our business liquidation experts in your local area. We have more than 70 offices around the UK and can even arrange same-day meetings to get the liquidation wheels in motion.

Our team sets the standard throughout the corporate insolvency industry with 70 licensed insolvency practitioners across the country handling more corporate insolvency appointments than any other firm. Take expert, impartial and licensed advice with UK Liquidators.

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Client Testimonials

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BrianConstruction , Gateshead
Our family-run construction firm had enjoyed a good run since the 1980s but with margins squeezed tighter than ever before and a saturated marketplace, we began to struggle. We also had a key supplier that went bust leaving us with major problems. We decided we needed to liquidate as cash flow was steadily decreasing and creditors were chasing. UKLiquidators handled the CVL and enabled us to write off our debts. They also referred me to a company that would investigate my claim for director redundancy and I was surprised to learn I was eligible for £14,500 which was paid to me within several weeks.

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PaulRecruitment MD, Bristol
I am the MD of three separate companies within a subsidiary but one business was dragging the other two down. I needed to work out the most tax-efficient way of closing the struggling company but due to the complex nature of our company structure, our accountant was unable to advise. Thankfully, UKLiquidators took control of the situation and we were delighted with the outcome. They allowed me to pay for the liquidation upon completion as I was awaiting a significant director redundancy payment which both my wife and I were due as managing directors. If it wasn't for UKLiquidators, I wouldn't even have known about director redundancy and they pointed me in the right direction.

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